Piwnica Świdnicka

Rynek – Ratusz 1
50-107 Wrocław
33 m from city centre
It is called the oldest restaurants in Europe. The traces of its functioning come form 1303 and 1332 is the date on the receipt which confirms a delivery of barley beer from Świdnica. It is owing to this beer that the restaurant was given its name – Świdnica Cellar.

Piwnica Świdnicka, is located in the basement of the Wroclaw Town Hall. It is divided inot 10 rooms, which occupy 900 m2 of total area and a kitchen part which occupies 780m2. The names and structure of all the rooms is identical to the one in the 15th century when the Cellar was given its final form.

380 seat, Old Polish cuisine, opening hours 12.00-11.00 pm, summer garden open at weekends until 1.00 am.



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